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Khemhara, the second largest area of the eight regions of Orden, is a land of endless sand, giving it the title of The Infinite Desert.


Bounded on the west by the Granite mountains and the east by the green forests of the Opal Empire, the desert is virtually uncrossable and considered by many impassable. In spite of this, the Khem-hor have mastered the moving sands and built a mighty empire there.

Bronze skinned and currently hairless as a fashion, the men of the Infinite desert are on the cusp of exiting the Bronze Age. They have advanced mathematics, though not as advanced as the Hazar, and are the best stonemasons in the world. Their cities, made of stone, are extremely complex, dominated by pyramids and obelisks, and elaborate geometric design. When asked by outsiders why they build their cities along such mathematically precise designs, they answer enigmatically "to reach eternity."

Their traditions are based on their desert culture and the pantheon of One Thousand Gods. But recently the new Pharaoh formally abolished the priestly caste, assuming all powers thereof, and declaring Atum, a formerly obscure sun god, as the only true god thereby instituting the only known monotheistic human culture on Orden.

Though his subjects initially resisted, the Pharaoh used his nearly unlimited power to banish the priestly caste, liberate the slaves they used as currency, and brought justice to the people. As a result, when the Overlord came, the people rose up to defend the Pharaoh, their country, and their newfound way of life.

But the former priests have their own ideas about who should be running the empire.


Their magic derives from their study of the heavens, upon which they have mapped a detailed and elaborate map of constellations. Theirs are the most advanced star-maps in the world. They divide the sky into 9 Houses, each dominated by a major constellation. These have a significant effect on a person over the course of their life, depending on when they were born. Any character from the Infinite Desert may choose which constellation was dominant when they were born and gain the benefit thereof.

  • Depet A'a, The Great Ship - Travel
  • Hemta Iteru, The Three Rivers - Home
  • Atum, The Rays of The Sun - Health
  • Sekhet, The Hunter - Valor and persistence
  • Sehkem, The Scepter - Justice and righteousness
  • Mew, The Cat - Secrets and loyalty
  • Nen, The Infant - Life
  • Pharaoh, The King - Leadership
  • Kehpesh, The Sword - Wisdom
  • Apep, The Sea Dragon - Fate, destiny
  • Deshret Nedjem, The Desert Rose - Beauty and clarity of thought. Physical beauty and/or intelligence.

Behind the Scenes[]

Khemhara is a region created by Matt Colville as an analogy of fantasy Egypt.