Kenway Dalrath's Contract is a signed and sealed agreement between Duke Kenway and the mercenary company the Chain of Acheron. The contract states that upon the death of the archwizard Mortum, the Chain will be paid 100,000 gold. The contract has not been completed.


In Order to affect the Death of the Archwizard Mortum, I, Kenway Dalrath bearer of the Shield of Aendrim and rightful Duke of Aendrim, in alliance with Sariel, Princess of the Orchid Court, Oracle, hereby swear to pay the Officers of the Chain of Acheron 100,000 golden crowns upon completion of this task.

I, Duke Kenway, Agree to provide the Chain any support necessary to complete their contract insofar as the assassination of the wizard Mortum may require special tools unavailable to the Chain.

Mortum's Body must be deceased, delivered, and identified by myself or a duly appointed representative.

In the Event of my death, verification and payment will be handled by Lady Sariel, Nekodemus Baron of Rend, or my lieutenant, Lady Avelina Knight of the Coals.

This Contract does not forbid the Chain from assuming other duties, undertaking other contracts, or obligate them to field their soldiers in battle except insofar as doing so may be a necessary component of affecting the death of the Archmage Mortum.

Should the undersigned perish due to any cause, including treachery, combat, natural causes, chance, luck, suicide or the direct or indirect intervention of a GOD, SAINT or agent of the timescape, the next ranking officers of the Chain assume the responsibilities of the undersigned, and agree to complete the terms of the contract, even should it cost their lives.


Kenway Dalrath


Sariel, Princess of the Orchid Court, Oracle


The Chain

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