An island chain south of the Bale Sea, the people of Ix are known as the Uaxatlal. Closely related to the Gol, they are a primitive people, denizens of the islands across many Ages with little change. Untouched by the various human empires that have come and gone over the history of Orden, they remain primitive, with most of their industry going toward maintaining the massive ziggurats that mark the centers of their cities.

While their cities are large, the largest built in the middle of a volcanic lake, they have little influence over the surrounding land. They know something of farming, especially surrounding their major cities, but the jungles are so rich that foraging remains a viable means of collecting food.

They know little of working metal, having no natural metal deposits on the island, depending instead on obsidian or chert. As a result, the Uaxatlal rely on their natural stealth and dexterity, as well as extensive poison use to defeat their enemies.

They have one of the largest pantheons in Orden, and each man is 'adopted' by a totem animal as part of his coming of age ceremony.