The Illrigger is a custom class created by Matt Colville for Anna's character in the Chain, Judge. This class shares some similarities to the Paladin, but focuses more on spellcasting and invoking seals upon their enemies.

The Illrigger[]

The Lords of the Seven Cities of Hell scheme and plot endlessly, eternally. Each seeks to bring the others to heel, and ascend to the Throne of Hell, uniting the nine cities and every infernal thing that lives there, leading an infinite army of devils across the timescape until all worlds burn.

Their elite shock troops, the terror-commandos of Hell, are the Illriggers. Knights of Hell, they are high charisma counter-paladins who master devils and cast their own unique spells.

The Order of Desolation[]

Acceptance into the Order of Illriggers makes you a comrade with every other illrigger, regardless of which Archdevil you serve. Each Archdevil has churches, underground fanes, secret societies, cults. All with leaders maniacally devoted to the Archdevil who grants them their power. But the association of Illriggers consider themselves each more alike to the others in the order than to the priests and warlocks who serve the same master.

Members of the Order of Desolation, also known as the Desolate or the Knights of Desecration, are expected to be intelligent, resourceful, tactical, manipulative. A temple or cult may believe that the presence of an Illrigger in their midst is a sign that their Archdevil approves on their actions, but the Illriggers are independent. They serve no order, no hierarchy, no authority but the Archdevil themselves and pride themselves on being separate from all other organizations. It is not unusual, therefore, for a member of the Order of Desolation to seek help, and find it, from other members of order first, even from Illriggers who serve other Archdevils before going to any church, cult, or temple to their own archdevil.