Hrathi, also called The Seer, is part of the crew of the Rosso Cielo.[1]


Hrathi is an old man with Vanigarian features, bent and gnarled either as a result of old age or of broken bones and battles. Born without eyes, his eye sockets are instead covered with skin. He is also deaf and since someone cut off his tongue, mute.

Hrathi's back is tattooed with twenty glyphs in a four-by-five grid, and those who understand the glyphs can communicate with him by touching the glyphs in sequence. To facilitate this, Hrathi generally remains shirtless.


Hrathi is an excellent cook. Despite his deafness, he has a talent for throat singing, allowing him to create overtones with his voice, which he uses to perform magic. The precise nature of his magic is unclear, but it appears to aid the Rosso Cielo in traversing to the Astral Sea.


Little is known of Hrathi's early life, other than that he was born deaf and without eyes. He nevertheless attempted to communicate by making noise until someone found the noises he made distasteful and cut out his tongue.

He was taken in by the Church of Saint Verona in Capital where he was taught to use his “speaking stick,” a log carved with similar glyphs to those on his back. He worked for the church until he could book passage home aboard the Rosso Cielo, but since neither Hrathi nor the Church knew where he was from, he took a job as a member of the crew.

Hrathi performed a number of jobs aboard the Rosso Cielo, usually the cook's assistant, but occasionally as The Seer, helping the Rosso Cielo reach the Astral Sea.


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