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The Cities of Hell[]

  • Gehennom, ruled by Belial, the City of Darkness, origin of The WHEEL of Gehennom
  • Naraka, ruled by Astaroth, the City of Secrets, origin of The GATE of Naraka
  • Sheol, ruled by Moloch, the City of Death, origin of The CHARIOT of Sheol
  • Kasyrgan, ruled by Baal, the City of Pain, origin of The WALL of Kasyrgan.
  • Styx, ruled by Moloch, the City of Blood, origin of The RIVER of Styx.
  • Acheron, ruled by Asmodeus, the City of Whispers, origin of The CHAIN of Acheron.
  • Dis, ruled by Dispater, the City of War, origin of The TOWER of Dis.

Behind the Scenes[]

The cities originally had different names, but Matt changed them during the development of Kingdoms & Warfare to represent more cultures' ideas of hell. Sheol and Gehennom are both from Jewish tradtion. Styx and Acheron are Greek. Naraka is from religions such as Sikhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Kasyrgan is from Mongolian shamanism. Dis is from Dante's Inferno.

After originally talking about some of the cities on Twitch and Twitter, Matt later changed his mind and made Acheron the City of Fear rather than the city of whispers, to better reflect Anna's ideas about Asmodeus.