I'm Hungry

Grumbles is a retainer of Slim and a member of the Chain of Acheron.


Grumbles is about 15 years old. He was given the name Grumbles, because of the noises his stomach was making when the chain found him.


According to Matt's Notes:

Illario is young and eager to make a name for himself. He hoped to become a herald for some great house and so applied at the Royal Heraldric Society. But he ​ meant ​ to apply at the Society of Royal Heralds. He realized his mistake too late, but he’s still eager. Now he is a failure and would be ashamed to return.

The Crypt of House Sibelius(Episode 16)[]

He was found by the senior officers of the Chain when they were investigating the Library looking for the document tasked to them by the Royal Heraldric Society. By the time they found him, Grumbles was emaciated and desperate. He acknowledged a debt to the Chain, and helped them find their document, as well as plan their safe exit from the island.

Chain's King to Dragon Three(Episode 17)[]

Grumbles' part in the plan was to be knocked out by Judge's Illrigger life-stealing ability. The Chain passed him off as the object of their search, while transmitting the document to Angel.