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Graves, The Empty One, is a human warlock and a member of the Shield of Gravesford. He was played by Phil.


Graves, the son of a poor gravedigger named Spiro, was born into poverty. As a small child, everyone in his home town just called him Grave's, as in belonging to the gravedigger. 

When Graves was five, a plague swept through his village and claimed the life of his mother and two sisters. Spiro, a pragmatic man and not a stranger to death, decided that it would be best to send Graves away to the Libary of St. Sebastian

Discovering his Patron[]

Living at the library for twenty-three years, Graves grew up to be a good man, loyal and trustworthy, with a keen intellect. One day, Graves was cataloging books deep in the catacombs, and came across an ancient tome, calling to him. Initially terrified, Graves became intrigued by the book, and begun research into discovering its secrets.

Weeks later, a band of mercenaries known as the Thorn suddenly and brutally attacked the library; ransacking the place, killing every monk of the library (sans Graves) and burning away the entire building. Filled with rage, Graves called out to the universe for revenge, in which a deal was forged between him and Bolothamogg.

Graves scaped his way out from under the ruin of St. Sebastian's. He scrambled towards a pool of water to quench his thirst, only to discover his eyes are solid black. For a long time, Graves wandered alone, his mind shattered.

The Reborn[]

Eventually, Graves' mind began to heal as the dread lore of the book faded into his subconscious. He later meets and joins a group of adventurers called The Reborn. Between quests, Graves would occasionally visit Spiro in his final years. Graves also learns that shortly after the Thorn raided St. Sebastian's, the Baron of Bedegar was slaughtered and Lord Saxton was appointed Regent, and the Thorn were titled as knights. After an adventure with the Reborn, the party was ambushed by the same orc tribe; Graves was left unconscious thought to be dead, and later learns that the rest of the Reborn were taken to Broken Spire Keep.

The Shield of Gravesford[]


The Siege of Castle Rend[]

Lady Sariel made a deal with the Shield of Gravesford to deliver Lord Saxton on a platter, retreat her undead forces and additional benefits. In return, she will receive two swords of the Teeth of the Dragon. The deal was successful, and after leaving with the swords, Graves slit Saxton's throat and killed him.

Behind the Scenes[]

Graves was Phil's player character in the Shield of Gravesford campaign.

In Strongholds & Followers[]

Graves makes a cameo appearance in the book Strongholds & Followers, used as an example of raising units and how the Research mechanic works with towers.

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