Primitive, savage hunter-gatherers, the Gol are a race of Men who sneer at civilization and consider hateful any law that puts one man above another.

The Gol are one of the four major ethnotypes of Men in Orden. Of the four, they are the only ones who have never risen to Empire, though they did in the past build great stone structures. Temples to their demon gods and even large cities achieved entirely without mortar.

Now all that remains of their ancient culture are ruins and the Standing Stones littering the landscape, covered in an unknown script, marking the boundaries of ancient territories. They are, and have been for centuries, a people in decline. Still a thriving culture in the Uttermost North, the Gol can also be found in pockets in Vasloria, especially in northern Aendrim, Corwell, and Rhone. They live in heavily wooded areas and fiercely defend their territory.


They are a hunter-gatherer people, and often raid civilized lands for sheep and other livestock, considering such petty thievery good sport, an excellent rite of passage for children, and a safe and productive way to channel the excess energy of the young.

They look at the feudal governments of other Men as overt treachery. Somehow these men, these Barons and Kings, have tricked the weak-willed ‘civilized’ men into obeying because of ‘divine right’ or class. No Gol would abide by such evil. Any Gol, male or female, young or old, may speak at any meeting and has the right to be heard. Old people are valued because they have wisdom, which just means long experience.


The Gol Gods are capricious and demand sacrifice, often blood sacrifice, before they will intervene. The Gol respect their gods, but worship is a strange concept to them. Baghraal the Painted is a powerful God who sneers on ‘worship’ and finds glee in making men cower and fear him. The Gol respect this.

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