The gods of Orden are less interactive than gods in other campaign settings. They do not speak or interact directly with anyone except their saints. As a result, churches are typically devoted to a saint rather than a god. Different regions have different gods, or at least use different names for them and attribute different values, characteristics, and domains to them.

Gods of Rioja[1][]

The gods of Rioja were explored in a series of Youtube videos (1, 2, 3).

Name Main value Portfolio Saints
Lord Anso Nobility
  • Charity (caring for the sick

and poor)

  • Duty
  • Justice
  • Mercy
  • Ambition
  • Saint Verona
  • Saint Montanino
  • Saint Ysabella the Bright
  • Saint Bergo
  • Saint Pellario
Lady Donisa Fate and


  • Gambling & Risk
  • Travel & the Sea
  • Fools
  • Beauty & Youth
  • Wealth & Poverty
  • Saint Bonagratia
  • Saint Amato
  • Saint Bonola
  • Saint Vivanio
  • Saint Baldassare
Viscount Falco Treachery
  • Secrets & Lies
  • Conspiracy
  • Patience
  • Blackmail
  • Envy & Jealousy
  • Saint Orsino the Diplomat
  • Saint Umberto
  • Saint Giana
  • Saint Ridolfo
  • Saint Alfieri
Ragilo Cowardice
  • Poisons
  • Fear
  • Silence
  • Hiding & Shadows
  • Sloth
  • Saint Corbella
  • Saint Vieri
  • Saint Nero
  • Saint Paolo the Lawyer
  • Saint Cambio
Margravine Maura Love, Romance, Passion
  • Revelry
  • Rivalry
  • Saint Bellamo
  • Saint Demelza
  • Saint Selanda
  • Saint Tuco
  • Saint Marco
Lady Tasila Violence & Bravery
  • Dueling & Blades
  • Honesty
  • Blood, Scars & Wounds,
  • Cheating
  • Death
  • Saint Flora
  • Saint Paula
  • Saint Enzio
  • Saint Baldovino
  • Saint Lucia
Margrave Causulo Art
  • The Theater, Actors,


  • Music, Poetry, Writing
  • Magic, Lore, Knowledge
  • Saint Galindo
  • Saint Diamentia
  • Saint Yça
  • Saint Alvar
  • Saint Elana

Gods of Vasloria[2][]

The Gods of Vasloria were more heavily involved in Matt's previous campaigns.

Name Main values Saints
Adun Goodness, Strength, Truth
  • Saint Llewellyn the Valiant - Courage and Leadership in Battle
  • Saint Maerwyn the Kingmaker - the Diplomat
  • Saint Gryffyn the Stout - The Defender
  • Saint Anthony, Shield of the North – Foe of the Wilderness
  • Saint Gwenllian The Fell-handed – Seek and destroy evil.
Cavall Justice
  • Saint Gwiddon the Vigilant – Aid the law.
  • Saint Taethan the Sunbringer Fight Undead
  • Saint Gaed the Confessor – Root out traitors to the state.
  • Saint Bróccan the Resolute – Iron will, relentless in pursuit.
  • Saint Godwin the Inquisitor – Pursue priests of Nikros and Cyrvis
Malus Craftsmanship, Knowledge, Secrets
Salorna Nature, Order
  • Saint Isolde the Purifier
  • Saint Halcyon the Druid
  • Saint Pandercost the Wroth
  • Saint Morvin the Tiller
  • Saint Fallara the Witch
Viras Love, Lust, Youth, Health
  • Saint Aimsley the Irrepressible
  • Saint Elspeth the Blithe
  • Saint Jack the Green
  • Saint Marya the Mother
  • Saint Gowan the Physician
Cyrvis Hate, Defiance of Fate
  • Saint Eseld of the Eye
  • Saint Kalos the Immolate
  • Saint Tallad the Cursed
  • Saint Nesta the Pestilent
  • Saint Pallas the Black
Nikros Strength, Dominance, Tyranny
  • Saint Melianus The Bright Duke
  • Saint Thomas The Judge
  • Saint Correx The High General
  • Saint Pentalion The Justicar
  • Saint Hylae The Corrupt

Cyrvis and Nikros are brothers, the "Black Brothers", and the subject of a common Vaslorian oath "Black Gods!".

Gods of Other Races[]

Why do humans have so many gods? The elves have one god. The dwarves only have one. We have dozens. Why is that? I bet Ajax knows

Unlike humans, other races tend to worship one deity. This is an incomplete list of gods worshipped by other races.

Name Followers Notes
Ord Dwarves The creator of the world, hence why Orden is named after him.
Val Elves The creator of the Celestials, but elves do not worship him and gain no divine magic from him.
Grole Orcs Also known as the One-Handed. Grole was once a Lord of Gehennom, a Demon Lord of Hell.[3]
Diriinka Derro An official god from Dungeons & Dragons. Diriinka the human wizard was named after the god.
Blibdoolpoolp Kuo-Toa An official god from Dungeons & Dragons. She fought the Shield of Gravesford in the World Below.