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The circus wasn't working out.

Flea is a retainer of Judge and a member of the Chain of Acheron. As a retainer, he is played by both Anna and Matt.


A lanky, stringy-haired Gol teenager who lost his pack of skinwalkers after a new Alpha came in, chasing any potential threats to their claim out of the territory. Hungry, alone, and distrustful of settlers (those who aren't nomadic), he joined a troupe of performers in a travelling caravan. After being stiffed on wages one too many times (his gimmick was transforming into the "wolf boy" for three shows a day), he decided his skills were better applied elsewhere and joined up with The Chain when their paths crossed.[1]


Behind the Scenes[]

Flea is a retainer of Judge, who uses the Skinwalker rules found on page 75 of Strongholds & Followers.