We must be desperate.
— Darengar

Exile is a sentient two-handed flamberge and the signature weapon of Judge.


The sword has a flamberge red blade and a cat eye in the pommel.


Exile was an ordinary greatsword wielded by Judge at the beginning of the campaign.

The Heart of Zra'az[]

Angel's Report(Episode 14)[]

When the senior officers of the Chain of Acheron were at the Permanent Transient, Judge discusses with the shopkeeps Sumat Pol whether he can get his sword enchanted or not. He explains that by giving the sword the soul of a demon, it will become sentient and hence magical. Judge is interested in his theory and purchases the demon heart of Zra'az.

A Sapphire Sky(Episode 19)[]

In preparations for the Chain's journey into Ringwell, Judge hands his greatsword to the moon elf and with the heart, Exile is forged in the Well of All Worlds.


Exile is a magical greatsword that requires attunement to use. When wielded, the greatsword has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls, as well as the following benefits[1]:

  • The wielder can detect secret doors within a 5-foot radius of the sword.
  • The wielder can cast wall of fire once per day.
  • The wielder gains a +2 bonus to all saving throws.
  • The wielder can read, write and speak Infernal and Celestial.
  • The greatsword deals an extra 2d12 damage against demons.

As a sentient weapon, it allegedly will try to take control over the wielder when they are weak.