Short, proud, and stocky, the dwarves of Orden mostly stay in their underground cities and keep to themselves.

The dwarves were one of the first intelligent mortal creatures in Orden, and the second to found a civilization. The dwarves even invented time itself, as the never aging elves had no use for such a concept.

They believe themselves to be created by their god Ord, the god of the earth, who they say built the world.

After the fall of the Steel Dwarves of Kalas Mithral to the armies of the Army of Night and the Astral Celestials, the Stone Dwarves remain the last civilization of dwarves. They reside in the Hanging City of Kenkarra, in the Granite Mountains.

With the rise of Ajax the Invincible, the Wood Elves of the Viridian Wode betrayed the stone dwarves by revealing the secret entrance to Kenkarra to Ajax. The Stone Dwarves were defeated, but bowed to Ajax, and were allowed to continue to govern themselves if they gave slaves to Ajax in tithe. For this reason, dwarves now despise elves for their treachery, and they are themselves despised by humans as slavers.