Sölvi knows! - Sölvi the Bald

Dusk is a 4th edition D&D campaign ran by Matt Colville. It follows the adventures of a party informally dubbed as Wöderhead. There is a playlist with edited versions of the episodes that can be watched on Matt Colville's Youtube channel. The longer, unedited versions can be watched Dael Kingsmill's DailyDael's Twitch channel or Matt O'Driscoll's Doctor OD's Twitch channel.

Campaign Description[]

Five heroes, strangers to each other, gather at an inn at Castle Dalrath. A wood elf, a high elf, a Half-giant Barrow Man, one of the demon-worshipping barbarian GOL, and one of the last surviving members of Good King Omund’s Dragon Phalanx. Symbols of justice throughout the land. Each of them has left their homeland for a different reason. They meet in an inn. And things quickly get out of hand…

The Players []

Wöderhead consists of five player characters who met eachother at a tavern called The Festive Goblin.