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So Duke Prospero, everyone knows what that dude wants, he doesn’t make a secret about it. He wants to be Prince, he wants the bring the Guilds to heel, although I think that ship has sailed, and he wants to stop Ajax.

Duke Prospero is the Lord of House Alvaro and a wizard of great repute. He is the Chancellor of the Imperial College, which controls districts in the center-North of Capital and appears to be a front runner in candidacy to become the new Prince of Capital.

Prospero graduated from both the War College and the College of Sorcery, graduating from the former in the same class as Ajax the Invincible. He appears to be wary of Ajax's power.

Like many nobles of great houses, the Duke is suspicious of the rise of the Guilds, taking a particular disliking to Duchess Shirome of the Assayer's Guild.