Do you believe in destiny? That even the Law of Time could be broken for a single, terrible purpose?
— The Dead Lady

Duchess Lenora Valetta, now more commonly known as The Dead Lady, is a powerful vampire and one of the lords Capital. She is the chief tax collector in the city of Capital, and has tended to remain neutral in the power struggle between the guilds and the old noble houses, frequently abstaining from voting in the Privy Council.


Lady Lenora became a duchess by marrying the then-duke of House Valetta. When her husband died under mysterious circumstances, the Duchess, in her desperation, turned to powerful necromancy in an attempt to raise him. Using the power and knowledge contained within the Codex Mortis, Duchess Lenora enacted the Ritual of Desecration late one night. The ritual failed for reasons unknown, and although Lenora had attempted to clear out the surrounding area before attempting the ritual, about 3,000 people were too close, and lost their lives to the malfunctioning magic, transforming into undead under the control of the Duchess, now a vampire.

As a vampire, Lenora took on the role of Duchess reluctantly. Agreeing with the attitude typical of the nobility that ruling is the domain of men, Duchess Valetta continued collecting taxes but refused to disburse the collections, declaring that the funds would be released when her husband returned. It was because of this that The Prince of Capital, running out of money, allowed the heads of three of the guilds to buy their way into the nobility.

After Lady Sariel was vaporized by the destruction of Orion, Duchess Valetta called forth her retainer, Lady Czorgan, requesting that Czorgan fetch a book for her.

The Game is begun. Bring me the book.
— The Dead Lady

She later sent Czorgan to acquire the Scepter of Count Rhodar von Glauer after The Chain retrieved it from Ringwell. The Chain were unwilling to give it up or let Lady Czorgan harm one of the Prince's Men during her search and defeated her in battle, bringing them in conflict with House Valetta.

Behind the Scenes[]

The Dead Lady is inspired by Strahd von Zarovich from the Ravenloft campaign setting and Mr. Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series.