Dragonborn is the name for several ancestries in the world of Orden. They were humanoid with features that made them resemble the dragons for which they are named. No known ancestry of dragonborn are natural species, all having been created through powerful rituals.[1][2]

Types of Dragonborn

There are several known varieties of dragonborn throughout Orden that are as of modern times unknown to be relate.

The Dragon Phalanx

These dragonborn most resemble the chromatic and metallic dragon found throughout the world. They were created in the region known as Vasloria by the wizard Vitae through sorcery. They are commonly strong of both mind and body, and have the ability to use breath weapons corresponding to the color of dragon they resemble.

Though artificially created, they are capable of reproduction, and it has been observed that second- or third-generation dragonborn begin to exhibit atypical phenotypes, such as feathers in place of scales.

Gemstone Dragonborn

Not much is known about these dragonborn, as they are far rarer even than the Dragon Phalanx. Smaller than those of the Dragon Phalanx, they have more inquisitive minds as well as intuitive access to psionic powers like the gemstone dragons they resemble.

Notable Dragonborn


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