The Dragon Phalanx was an army of Dragonborn created by Good King Omund's wizard Vitae. They were divided into ten "Dragonflights," divided by color. These Dragon Knights were Omund's elite shock troops, and they carried his justice throughout the kingdom.[1]

Common knowledge held that they were "incorruptible," but this was an exaggeration of sorts. Mandrake, the Betrayer was a member of the Brass Dragonflight who killed Vitae and allowed Ajax the Invincible to kill Good King Omund and ravage Vasloria.

The Dragonflights[]

The Black Dragonflight[]

The Oracles[]

The Black were the seers and oracles of the Dragon Phalanx. Speaking in cryptic riddles and possessed of limited prescience on the battlefield they could, with the aid of secret rituals and powerful drugs, project their mind great distances, see through any deception, and traverse time and space. These rituals were lost with the Betrayal.

Last Captain: Raijorozaan

The Blue Dragonflight[]

The Sentinels[]

The Shield of the King, the Blue were the bodyguards and bastion defenders. One of the largest flights before the Betrayal, they were stubborn and unyielding and fanatically loyal to the kingdom.

One of the Blue Dragonflight's fortresses was Castle Rend, near the village of Gravesford.

Last Captain: Ahrijiinad

The Red Dragonflight[]

The Priests[]

The Red were one of two Noble Flights and thus had use of two powerful wings. They served Adun, the God of Strength and patron god of Aendrim. Haughty and aloof, they considered most mortals below them, often putting Adun’s will before their own, or even the King’s.

The Red were absent during the Betrayal. When the King cried “Where is the Red?” the Captains of the remaining Dragonflights were silent and shamed.

After the Betrayal, rumors swirled that the Red had gone insane. Instead of the words of Adun, they claimed they heard another voice whispering in their minds. Some ancient Dragon God who may have been Tiamat, The Last Dragon.

Last Captain: Korviskoor

The White Dragonflight[]

The Censors[]

Physically smaller than the other Dragon Knights, the White were stealthy, and possessed of endurance even beyond that of their brothers in the Phalanx. They were Good King Omund’s hidden, questing knights, and no man could evade their justice.

Last Captain: Bakadrazaar

The Bronze Dragonflight[]

The Zealots[]

The Bronze were the most fanatic and devoted knights of Good King Omund. Their fire of devotion drove men to greater feats and greater recklessness.

Last Captain: Ziirojian

The Copper Dragonflight[]

The Stalwart[]

The Copper Knights were the invincible knights of the King’s armies. With a Copper Knight in a company, the king’s soldiers could weather any assault.

Last Captain: Kivaaj

The Green Dragonflight[]

The Saboteurs[]

The Green were sent to harry the enemy, and disable them on the battlefield. Theirs was the smallest dragonflight.

Last Captain: Hijaanistak

After the Betrayal[]

Following his usurpation, Ajax placed a bounty on the head of any surviving Dragonborn. But the Dragon Knights were held in such esteem by the people that, where possible, they would instead shelter the fugitives rather than handing them over to the agents of Ajax.