Diriinka is a human wizard and a member of the Shield of Gravesford. She was played by Tom.


Diriinka is a female human wizard who has lost her memory as a result of being captured by the mindflayers.

She is also missing her left hand after she intentionally cast fireball on her hand in an attempt to wield the Hand of Vecna.


Although she has not taken her second Ability Score Increase (as a result of the campaign ending), Diriinka's ability scores are as followed:

13 (+1) 17 (+3) 17 (+3) 19 (+4) 15 (+2) 13 (+1)
Diriinka is an eighth-level wizard.


At some point in her life, the human was captured by the mindflayers and brought to the World Below, as part of the Old Ones' plans to dominate the world. While a mindflayer was eating her brain, she was able to resist the domination of the Old Ones and immediately casts dimension door, escaping her death. However, because of her damaged brain, the human has no memories of her past.

The derro slaves see her resist the domination and believe that she is "the chosen one" and since then the mad dwarves refer to the human as Diriinka, the god of the derro. Eventually, Diriinka escapes to the gnomish city of Xanxarite, but because she was not able to penetrate the illusions of the city, she was stuck in the cemetery.

Joining the Shield of Gravesford

After defeating the shadow dragon who has made the cemetery its lair, the Shield of Gravesford discovers that Diriinka was hiding within a mushroom from the shadow dragon. The party initially mistakes her for Pinna - another captured wizard - but quickly realizes she was someone different and ask who she is. Diriinka then explains her backstory and the Shield of Gravesford believe that derro called her Diriinka was because that is her name, hence calling her by the god's name.

Behind the Scenes

Diriinka was Tom's player character in Matt Colville's previous campaign. Neither he nor Matt knows who Diriinka was before her memory was lost.

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