Lady Avelina returns to Castle Dalrath, art by Conceptopolis.

Dalrath is the Northernmost Barony of Aendrim. The people of Dalrath have been beset on all sides by enemies since the fall of Good King Omund. They are far from the other human baronies of the region and surrounded on all sides by Forests, and Wodes. The People of Dalrath have become resilient and heavily militarized. Of the three baronies of Aendrim, Dalrath has the largest and most experienced army. Lord Kenway was originally the heir to the Barony of Dalrath before executing Edmund Bedegar and claiming the title Duke of Aendrim.

The city grows over a giant cliff called the Fell that crosses all the north of Orden and goes miles and miles.This cliff marks the boundary bewteen civilized world and the Great Wode with Dalrath Keep intruding into the Wode.


  • Dalrath Keep
  • Wend
  • Chard
  • Brode
  • Church Saint Ethan
  • Festive Goblin Inn

Behind the Scenes

It appears from Matt's handout fo OD&D that Dalrath will be one of the primary settings for that game.

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