Cyrvis is the enemy of fate. He is the god of men who believe they have been wronged by life, and seek revenge. He is the god of the deformed and lame who hate the blow “fate” has dealt upon them. Cyrvis is a god of magic, because through magic a man can gain power to exert his will over man. He is brother to Nikros and together they are called “The Black Brothers.”

A person bullied, a criminal arrested, a servant dismissed, all who harbor secret hate whisper Cyrvis’ name, and that whisper is a prayer. A man rejected by a woman who loves another finds himself walking in Cyrvis’ shadow. He is the god of assassins, conspirators, and the bitterly frail.

It is dangerous to worship Cyrvis in public, but those who have, through his worship, gained power, often parade this fact gladly and teach Cyrvis’ hatred as virtue. Many is the Black Knight who rides with Cyrvis’s screaming skull talisman on his shield, teaching men to take what they want, the law be damned. The law is a coward. The law is a system designed by cowards to keep men from seeking real power.

His churches are often underground, dungeons, cellars. His priests worship in secret, often plotting against those with power, or even those who are merely popular. To be liked and loved is reason enough for a man of Cyrvis to hate you.

His Paladins are blackguards and hexblades and teach that sorcery and steel are the paths to power. Few common people worship Cyrvis, but many find his name on their lips when dealt a cruel blow by fate, a harvest spoiled, a house plagued with termites, a daughter stillborn. For this reason, the blackguard is sometimes secretly admired even while found disgusting.

Saints of Cyrvis[]

  • Saint Eseld of the Eye
  • Saint Kalos the Immolate
  • Saint Nesta the Pestilent
  • Saint Pallas the Black
  • Saint Tallad the Cursed