Corporal Mud is a Human Wizard and a junior officer of the Chain of Acheron. She has short hair and wears the Chain's red-black livery, along with green boots. The boots are a common feature among members of the scouting company she leads, the Advancers.


Mud was in Blackbottom with the Advancers at the time of Ajax's attack. In the ensuing chaos she lost contact with the senior officers and the companies were separated.

Chain's King to Dragon Three(Episode 17)

Around two weeks after Blackbottom, Mud and the Advancers arrived in Capital, having gotten a ride with a merchant ship. The Vice Admiral Marquise Corso Demasco, an agent of House Vorona, had expedited their arrival to the city, and directed them to the Pellet where they were needed.

Behind the Scenes

This character was originally going to be a man, a guest character played by one of Matt's friends. In the end, this player couldn't make it, so the character became a blend of this male character and Dael Kingsmill's Chainsona.