"Hey, fuck you."
— Copper

Copper is a goblin ranger and the Standard Bearer of the Chain of Acheron. He is played by Tom.


Copper is a small green-skinned goblin, often seen carrying the standard of the Chain and riding his tame displacer beast Bigcat. Since the events of “The God Factor(Episode 5) he has taken to wearing Sweet's old stovepipe top hat, along with a monocle he found in Capital.

Copper uses Bloodpebble Armor, found on the Somnium Tenebris, which increases his base AC, but covers his skin in blood-red stone lumps.


Copper's ability scores are as follows:

9 (-1) 20 (+5) 11 (+0) 10 (+0) 13 (+1) 11 (+0)

Copper is a seventh-level ranger, with the Monster Tamer as his ranger archetype. The Monster Tamer is a custom archetype[1] created by Matt Colville.

As the Standard Bearer of the Chain of Acheron, as an action, Copper can wave the standard to give members of the Chain 10 temporary hit points within 30 feet of him.

Copper tends to fight at range, using his bow in conjunction with Bigcat's ferocity abilities to deal high single-target damage. He also offers some utility to the senior officers via spellcasting and the special abilities given to him by the Arrows of Elrik the Archer.


At some point before the stream, Copper joined the Chain of Acheron, tamed Bigcat, and became the Standard Bearer.

In service to Lady Sariel[]

Red Sky at Morning(Episode 1)[]

As the Chain's most skilled archer, Copper was given the major role of penetrating Mortum's powerful wards using Lady Sariel's bloodmetal arrows. Copper succeeds, hitting Mortum in the shoulder. However, the struck wizard was actually Mandrake in disguise, a Dragonborn knight in service to Ajax the Invincible.

The strike on Mandrake appeared to have summoned the Flying City and Ajax himself, who would order the destruction of Blackbottom and its cathedral, the last one standing in Vasloria. Copper and his fellow Chain members witnessed Red's death at the hands of Relg the Descendant, prompting them to flee.

As Standard Bearer, Copper lead the company during their escape. He used his knowledge of the sewers of Blackbottom to help his companions reach the docks mostly unscathed.

No Confidence(Episode 26)[]

During the election of the new Commander, Copper votes for Judge[2].

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