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Collabris is a world Matt Colville created on Twitch with chat to show viewers how easy it is to create a world. Matt uses a program called Hexographer to generate a random map and asks the chat to name locations, explain the lore of the world, etc. While originally filmed on Twitch, the stream was uploaded to his Youtube Channel in a series of videos.

The design process for this started with finding an inspiring map, touching the map up overnight, and then focusing on notable landmarks. The Twitch Chat was asked questions about the name of each major landmark; things like who lived there, what set them apart from any stereotypes, and relationships with other landmarks and people in the area. Matt then curated the chat's suggestions, using his judgement as an experienced world builder and author to pick choices that were dramatically appropriate.The design choices were made to generate tension between factions, with potentially ideal solutions being explicitly averted by adding additional complications which were later fleshed out.

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