St. Clement the Journeyman is the patron saint of secret orders, and the patron of librarians. His device is a scroll with many signatures on it, representing the oath craftsmen swear to keep their knowledge secret.

Doctrines and Practices[]

He teaches that knowledge must be traded, must be shared, otherwise it runs the risk of being lost. Much has been lost. But just as knowledge must be traded, it must also be kept within the trade. Clement does not believe in the free and open exchange of information, as sharing a secret with the uninitiated lessens its power.

Priests of St. Clement often require books or scrolls as payment for services, and their temples are often so packed with scrolls and parchments as to be mistaken for libraries.

Clements clerics are often itinerant travellers, journeymen, going from town to town, trading information. Not only within a profession—smith to smith, tanner to tanner—but also between professions. Wizard, to ostler, to vintner. None knowing from whence the trade comes, but all benefitting.

Paladins of St. Clement are rare, but there are rumors of a secret order of knights, sometimes called the Spellstealers, or the Burned Scroll who hunt down rogue Wizards who endanger others with their wild experiments.

Priests of St Clement oft find work in creating and trading spell scrolls. The cleric of St. Clement determines the payment, preferring knowledge over gold.

The Chain Episode 01: "Red Sky at Morning"[]

During the events of episode one of The Chain of Acheron stream, The Chain were hired to stake out the last church in all of Vasloria, a church to Saint Clement. After the arrival of Ajax, the church was razed in the ensuing battle.