Cavall believes that man cannot live where injustice thrives. To followers of Cavall, the unjust society is the Wasted Land, where men live false lives. The concept of Law, civil law, and just punishment are his.

Cavall teaches that justice belongs to men. Priests of Cavall take an oath not to interfere with the law. They may pursue a criminal, but they may not judge him. A priest of Cavall may testify, but he is not the law. The law belongs to Men.

Paladins of Cavall, on the other hand, take no such oath. The nobility often sponsor knights of Cavall to roam the countryside and dispense justice in remote wilderness areas where the Nobleman’s influence cannot reach.

Brother to Adun, and one of the two primary gods of the Vaslorians, Cavall also believes that men, no matter how vile, can be bettered. This belief is a unique expression of Cavall’s love for his brother. It is because Adun is Cavall’s brother that Cavall believes in giving every man a second chance.

Sometimes a particularly zealous follower of Cavall considers this a weakness. An impurity. These fanatics see Cavall as the chief of the Vaslorian gods. But many are the stories of the Two Brothers, and Cavall deferring to Adun, whom he believes to be the more noble and good of the two.

Saints of Cavall[]

  • Saint Bróccan the Resolute – Iron will, relentless in pursuit.
  • Saint Gaed the Confessor – Root out traitors to the state
  • Saint Godwin the Inquisitor – Pursue priests of Nikros and Cyrvis
  • Saint Gwiddon the Vigilant – Aid the law
  • Saint Taethan the Sunbringer – Fight Undead