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Castle Rend, formerly known as Broken Spire Keep, is the stronghold of the Baron of Rend, Nekodemus.


Broken Spire Keep was a castle in ruin taken over by Bonebreaker Dorokor and the Broken Skull Orcs. A temple to Saint Ajax was consecrated within the castle. Broken Spire Keep also has a path that leads to the World Below inside of a bedroom.

After a battle between the Broken Skull Orcs and the Shield of Gravesford, the orc tribe was defeated and ones that weren't killed in the battle escaped the castle. The Shield of Gravesford finds a prisoner named Edmund Bedegar, the deceased Baron of Bedegar's second son, whom they release and learn of his heritage. During a confrontation between the party and Lady Avelina regarding the whether the Shield of Aendrim stays with the party or is sent to Kenway, the baron of Dalrath, Edmund announced Nekodemus as the Count of Rend, hence renaming the ruins of Broken Spire Keep to Castle Rend.