The Caelian Empire was a civilization that originated in Phaedros and extended to conquer almost all of Orden. They built many great temples and cities, most of which are now nothing but ruins. The city of Capital was once the center of the Empire and is now part of Rioja and one of the most important ports in Orden.


When the Caelians conquered a region, they would send part of its population to other regions of the Empire, while repatriating the area with people from elsewhere. This diaspora was intended to break down barriers and create a more mono-cultural empire by removing the cultural ties between genetic groups and regions.

How successful this process was is unknown, but it did result in the dramatic genetic diversity in the modern peoples of Orden. This is also the reason why Common is spoken across most of Orden. Common was the language of the Empire and was the only language shared by the relocated people, so it became the lingua franca of the whole Empire.


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Behind the Scenes[]

Matt has heavily drawn on the Roman Empire to create the Caelian Empire. He has said many times that all D&D is predicated on the idea that there is some kind of ancient empire that was more technologically advanced than the current civilization. In Orden, this is the most recent of those empires.