I have a theory that — but you wouldn't understand.

Buts is a retainer of Judge and a member of the Chain of Acheron. As a retainer, she is played by both Anna and Matt.


Half-elf from Khoursir. Extremely intelligent and deeply pessimistic, she spends most of her time alone, doing experiments and studying astrology, mathematics, and chemistry. She quickly becomes irritated with people — the exception being Cook who doesn't join in teasing her, and Toad who doesn't really talk to anyone except his pets anyway. She's working on a thesis regarding the Djinn of her native homeland and their correlation with magic, but refuses to let anyone see it because she doesn't have the patience to explain it to them.[1]


A Dark Dream(Episode 4)[]

Buts was blasted to atoms by the ascendant Nails for perceived insubordination, but was reconstituted after Nails was convinced by the other senior officers to undo the damage. She doesn't remember dying.

The Library Job(Episode 15)[]

It was revealed that Buts has taken over as the Staff Sorcerer of the Chain, and she was given the task of examining a recovered demon heart and some sinmetal, to see what could be made of each.

Ringwell Awaits(Episode 20)[]

As the Staff Sorcerer, Buts joins the Senior Officers to discover what's under the Butchers' Shop, uncovering tunnels and fighting a Purple Worm. She unsuccessfully attempted to carve out the Brain of the Purple Worm. They have reached some ruins, which she identifies with a very high roll to be ruins of the Shauraseni Empire, the first human civilization from the Age of Wonder.

Behind the Scenes[]

Buts is a retainer of Judge, who uses the Conjurer rules found on page 80 of Strongholds & Followers.