Blue, also known as Aslaug, is a water genasi. She is a friend of the Chain of Acheron, currently in Capital.


As a water genasi, Blue has teal skin and short blue hair.


Blue is a botanist and herbalist, capable of growing plants suitable for use in rituals and alchemy.


Asalug was from Cupric, a city in Quintessence. At some point in her life, she met up with an elf women who would later become her wife.

Capture by the Mind Flayers[]

Asalug and her partner planned to start a new life in Capital. Aboard a passenger ship, She was traveling with her partner to the Mundane World when they were captured by Mind Flayers in the World Between Worlds and kept on the Somnium Tenebris.

Her partner was killed by the Illithids, but Asalug was spared when one Mind Flayer insisted on keeping her alive to use parts of her brain. She remained in captivity after the creatures were overthrown by the Githyanki, only to be freed once the Chain of Acheron boarded and took the ship.

Blue was initially in shock, not quite believing that she was free. The Chain offered to take her to Capital and had Cook look after her as they navigated the Astral Sea. After the Chain dealt with the Faceless Guard, Blue was tasked with removing the symbol of Ajax from the sails of the ship and painting the symbol of the Chain before their arrival at Capital.

It is currently unclear whether Blue will take the oath and join the Chain, or whether she will head out on her own.

Behind the Scenes[]

Along with the Mind Flayer prisoner, Blue was created on the spot by Matt Colville when he thought it would be neat for the Chain of Acheron to interact with prisoners aboard the Somnium Tenebris.