Bhaltair is a human monk and formally a member of the Revenant Vow. He was played by Tom.


Bhaltair is described as looking like a farmer version of Hercules. After becoming the Master of Ravens (and presumably the Master of Locusts as well), Bhaltair's body is covered in raven tattoos, which become his wings when he uses its ability.


Bhaltair was a sixth-level Monk, with the Way of the Open Hand as his Monastic Tradition. He also possesses a Staff of Striking from as early as first-level.

During his adventures, Bhaltair defeated the Master of Locusts and later on the Master of Ravens. When a monk defeats another monk in single combat, the former gains the abilities from the latter, making Bhaltair the new Master of Locusts and the Master of Ravens.

Master of Locusts[]

After a successful unarmed melee attack, but before dealing damage, roll 1d6. Each ally within 30 feet takes that much damage and your attack deals additional damage equal to the total damage suffered by all allies. This ability refreshes after a long rest.

Master of Ravens[]

You gain a flying speed of 60 feet until the end of your next round. Any successful unarmed melee attacks you make during this duration also blind your target. This ability refreshes after a long rest.


The Siege of Castle Rend[]

Bhaltair... I was Bhaltair…
— Bhaltair

As a demonstration of Lady Sariel's power, she raises the now Vampire Spawn of Bhaltair out of the ground. It is revealed to Nekodemus and Graves (the only ones who knew Bhaltair) that at some point during their adventures in the World Below that Lady Sariel fought the Revenant Vow and that Bhaltair's life was taken from him, while the rest escaped.