D'you want me to kill him? I can make it look like an accident.Angel

Angel is a retainer of King and a member of the Chain of Acheron. As a retainer, he is played by both Lars and Matt.


Angel is a halfling who has a habit of cleaning his nails with a dagger. In his role in the Chain, he is engaged and focused on the tasks given to him by the senior officers.


Angel is a third-level Executioner, a retainer of the Rogue class found on page 78 of Strongholds & Followers.


Little is known about Angel's history before joining the Chain of Acheron.

Angel was among the Chain members who survived Ajax's attack on Blackbottom, boarding the Rosso Cielo along with the remaining members.

Sailors on the Sea of Stars(Episode 3)

Angel was a retainer to Commander Sweet and was asked by the Commander to tail Jasper, an old boxing rival of his who was now part of the Rosso Cielo's crew. Angel was quick to ask if he should kill Jasper, should he be about to reveal anything about Sweet's past, but Sweet advised caution at first.

The Changeling(Episode 6)

Angel was impersonated by the shapechanger that infiltrated the Rosso Cielo and was briefly confused with the changeling.

Behind the Scenes

Angel is a character created by Phil and Matt for the Chain as the retainer of Phil's character, Sweet. However, after Sweet's death in “The God Factor(Episode 5), Angel did not become Phil's new character, but Slim instead. As for Angel, he would later become King's retainer.


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