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My friends, I am Alejandro Jose Gabriel de Nacimiento Modesto!
— Alejandro, introducing himself

Alejandro Jose Gabriel de Nacimiento Modesto (real name Ramiro de Cabrera) is a Riojan bard and a member of the Shield of Gravesford. He was played by Anna.


Alejandro is described as looking like Oscar Issac with an elaborately festooned outfit.[1]


Early Life[]

Ramiro de Cabrera was born to a poor woman. His father was rumored to be a celebrated Riojan actor, but if this is true, the man never acknowledged Ramiro as his son. In order to provide for his mother and half-brother and achieve the recognition and approval of his father, Ramiro sought to become a playwright and join The Leaf, the dominant Riojan theatrical guild. His father knew what an embarrassment it would be to acknowledge a son so late in his life, so he had The Leaf send the young man away to seek inspiration for his great work.

On traveling across the Bale Sea, Ramiro crafted a new identity for himself: Alejandro Jose Gabriel de Nacimiento Modesto. Alejandro was everything that Ramiro wanted to be: high-born, confident, and successful.

The Celebration at Castle Rend[]

The Shield of Gravesford returns to the mundane world after their adventures in the World Below for to check upon their work on Castle Rend. Kek is then approached by a couple who wish to be married and agrees, having a dwarven-style celebration at the region. Afterward, Alejandro gives this great speech on the wedding and meets the heroes. He explains that he is from Capital and wishes to join the Shield of Gravesford to tell the world about their stories, by being there in person. They agree and soon make haste to the World Below.

Behind the Scenes[]

Alejandro was Anna's player character in the Shield of Gravesford campaign.