Adun believes that truth and hard work are virtues. He embodies the Vaslorian belief that hard work is truth. Someone who works hard, real physical labor, is an honest man. Anyone who does no obvious work for a living is someone not to be trusted. Adun is more worshipped in the field than in the city. Farmers distrust city folk because many of them make a living counting money, or writing, and never break a sweat.

If there is no priest knight available, many Vaslorians still use the ancient test of strength to determine truth. Two men in a legal dispute may find the Reeve asking them to fell a tree or build a wall. Whoever finishes first is in the right, because he worked harder and is therefore more honest. Many walls and fields owe their existence to this ancient legal tradition.

A priest following Adun expresses his faith through labor. He builds things. Many priests were once masons or carpenters. Joining the church for them did not mean abandoning their former trade, it intensified it.

A Paladin following Adun spends his time aiding others through hard work, inspiring people to honest speech and hard labor, as opposed to his brother in Cavall who seeks to right wrongs.

Adun and Cavall are brothers and the line between them is not a sharply defined one. Truth and justice are close companions.

Adun is most popular in the region known as Ǽndrim.

Saints of Adun[]

  • Saint Anthony, Shield of the North – Foe of the Wilderness
  • Saint Gryffyn the Stout, the Defender
  • Saint Gwenllian The Fell-handed – Seek and destroy evil
  • Saint Llewellyn the Valiant, Courage and Leadership in Battle
  • Saint Maerwyn the Kingmaker, the Diplomat